Understand user behavior. Build better products.

Product analytics show you who your users are, what they want, and how to keep them


Other analytics tools give you vanity metrics and show you your problem areas, but they don’t help you improve your product.

Amplitude’s product analytics focus on user behavior: what motivates people to use your product, pay for it, and keep coming back? Make insights-driven decisions so that you can meet your retention, conversion, and revenue goals.

dig deeper into retention and conversion

Discover and share the insights that matter

Provide your whole team with fast, flexible, and accessible insights into user behavior with Amplitude’s analytics platform.

Shared dashboards, email reports, and our Slack integration help you make collaborative decisions and stay aligned toward company goals.

segment users by behavior

Segment users for a clear picture of user behavior

Segmenting users by properties like location, install source, and platform is important for seeing how different types of users behave and retain in your app or website. Easily compare multiple groups of users in funnels, retention, revenue, and more with Amplitude’s analytics platform.

identify user drop off

Pinpoint drop-off points

Measure funnel conversion rates over time and identify where users are dropping out of your onboarding flow or checkout sequence. Then, use Microscope to investigate why users drop off so you can re-engage them.

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uncover what drives retention

Uncover retention drivers and detractors

Understand the factors that impact retention so that you can drive growth and revenue. Retention is critical to the survival of every business—without a solid retention strategy, you’re throwing money away on user acquisition.

Looking for retention superpowers? Check out Compass, your guide for driving retention. Learn more about Compass.

Learn how your users navigate your product

Explore how users navigate through your product

Get the complete view of an indvidual’s behavior with real-time activity feeds and unlimited user timelines. To view how all of your users navigate through your product, check out Pathfinder, which visualizes the aggregate paths users take in your app or website.

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